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  • Strategic Economic Development Plan

    Please find below the final implementation strategy document and technical appendix supporting the plan as tendered by RKG Associates in conclusion to the recommendations stage of Danville-Boyle County's Strategic Economic Development Plan.

  • Strategic Planning Initiative Strategic Planning Initiative

    What is our community’s shared vision for economic development over the next ten years?  How do we move forward together to fulfill that vision?  These are the critical questions an economic development strategic plan should answer.

    There is broad consensus among the EDP and Partner boards and their executives to envision our community’s future development objectives and to map strategic paths toward them.  As we near the EDP’s tenth anniversary (2016), it is an opportune moment to recalibrate our focus to enable continued business recruitment, retention, and growth for the next ten years in an increasingly competitive global arena.  That focus should not be upon the EDP as an organization alone, but upon our entire community’s expectations, attitudes, policies, and processes impacting the local environment for economic development.

    This page provides links to key documents and reports in a chronology of the EDP's strategic planning process.

      Chronology/Documents Chronology/Documents

    • EDP Planning Workgroup:  The EDP Board of Directors requested volunteers from its members, Partner board/government body members, and executive staff to serve on an EDP Planning Workgroup that launched its work on July 1, 2015.  Members of the Planning Workgroup are:  Richard Trollinger, EDP Chairman; Ben Nelson, EDP Secretary/Treasurer; Jody Lassiter, EDP-BCIF President/CEO; Kasey Hill, EDP Communications Director; John Albright, BCIF Chairman; Paula Fowler, Chamber of Commerce Executive Director; Michael Strysick, CVB Treasurer; Jennifer Kirchner, CVB Executive Director; Tom Poland, Heart of Danville President; Harold McKinney, Boyle County Judge-Executive; Mike Perros, Mayor of Danville; and Centre College student intern Chris Kinnard.  Ben Nelson is the facilitator for the workgroup.


    • What's Next?  Choice Not Chance. (June 1995):  This economic development plan led to the creation in 1996 of the Danville-Boyle County Community Development Council, Inc., which was then reorganized in 2006 as the Danville-Boyle County Economic Development Partnership, Inc.  The EDP Planning Workgroup chose as a preliminary step to review this plan to better understand the history of our community's past planning effort as well as the results of that 1995 plan.  The workgroup reviewed each of the plan's 47 recommendations to determine whether they had been completed, whether they had been adopted as ongoing practices, whether they were still in process but not yet completed, or whether they had become irrelevant over time. 


    • Key Result Areas (April 22, 2015):  At two workshops between the EDP Board of Directors and the Danville City Commission and their respective staff members on March 16, 2015, and April 22, 2015, these five (5) key result areas were determined to be the shared objectives for a future economic development planning process.  These key result areas were confirmed at the May 27, 2015, and June 17, 2015, meetings of the EDP Board of Directors.



    • Benchmarking Recommendations & Questionnaire (September 1, 2015):  These benchmarking recommendations and proposed interview questionnaire were made to the EDP Planning Workgroup at its September 1, 2015 meeting by BCIF Chairman John Albright and EDP-BCIF President/CEO Jody Lassiter after incorporating input from other workgroup members.  The benchmarking recommendations are divided into two parts:  (1) economic development organizations (EDOs) with identified best practices and (2) Micropolitan Area communities that have consistently ranked in SITE Selection magazine's top ten micros for new/expanding business development, 2006 - 2014.      




    • Revised Benchmarking Recommendations & Questionnaire (September 29, 2015):  At its meeting on September 29, 2015, the Planning Workgroup revised the Benchmarking Recommendations to include Paducah, Kentucky, for potential review for comparison and best practices in community/economic development.  The workgroup also began discussion on models and templates for developing a Request for Proposal (RFP) to advertise for consulting services to further facilitate the strategic planning process. 




    • "Make It Your Business:  A Community Conversation with the EDP" - Session 1 (November 4, 2015):  At the first of several planned community forums hosted by the EDP at the Boyle County Public Library, 69 community leaders and citizens responded to an open invitation from the EDP to answer three questions in the format of five small groups.  The questions broadly inquired about each small group's top community and economic development priorities, how best to achieve those priorities, and finally how to measure success in pursuing those priorities.  The responses of each small group were collected and compiled to identify consistent trends and to compare with other future forum responses.   



    • VIDEO:  RKG Associates' Presentation to Local Governments I (December 1, 2016):  In the second community visit during their strategic planning data and information collection process, Kyle Talente and Lauren McKim Callaghan of RKG Associates presented findings of their preliminary research and analysis about Danville-Boyle County's demographics, economic base, and real estate market to county and city government officials.  RKG's PowerPoint presentation may be viewed or downloaded here.


    • VIDEO:  RKG Associates' Presentation to Local Governments II  (January 25, 2017):  In the third community visit during their strategic planning data and information collection process, Kyle Talente of RKG Associates presented a proposed set of goals to guide the Economic Development Strategic Plan (EDSP) and preliminary findings about Danville-Boyle County's target industry/workforce analysis to county and city government officials.  RKG's PowerPoint presentation may be viewed or downloaded here.


    • VIDEO:  RKG Associates' Presentation to Local Governments III  (March 16, 2017):  In the fourth community visit during the strategic planning process, Kyle Talente of RKG Associates reviewed the adopted goals for the Economic Development Strategic Plan (EDSP) and presented a suggested implementation framework to county and city government officials.  RKG's PowerPoint presentation may be viewed or downloaded here.



    • VIDEO:  RKG Associates' Community Conversation (June 6, 2017):  In the final community visit, Kyle Talente of RKG Associates reviewed the strategic planning process and its objectives prior to the release of a final plan document, previewed future implementation approaches, and engaged in a question-and-answer session with members of the community.  

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