• Governor's Circle at Constitution Square, where the offices of Develop Danville, Inc., are headquartered.
  • Our Partnership

  • Danville-Boyle County Development Corporation, Inc.

    Danville, Kentucky, is known as "The City of Firsts".  The statue in Governor's Circle at Constitution Square is a replica of Kentucky's state seal.

    The Danville-Boyle County Development Corporation, Inc., is an alliance of the Boyle County Industrial Foundation, Danville-Boyle County Chamber of Commerce, Danville-Boyle County Convention & Visitors Bureau, Heart of Danville Main Street Program, Main Street Perryville, and the local governments of Boyle County, Kentucky, and Cities of Danville, Junction City, and Perryville.  The Partnership was organized in 2006 from the former Boyle County Community Development Council, and functions through a Memorandum of Agreement among its nine Partners.

    Develop Danville, Inc., is a marketing identity of the Corporation used to promote the Danville-Boyle County community's attributes to our national and global business clients.

    The Corporation communicates, collaborates, and coordinates the Partners’ interdependent economic development missions, resources, and initiatives to grow the economy of Boyle County.   As a unified team, the partners provide Boyle County, its communities, and its citizens with a cost-effective array of community and economic development services.

    The Corporation pursues four primary missions through the collaboration of its partner organizations:

    1. Business development;
    2. Business services;
    3. Downtown development; and
    4. Tourism development. 

    The Corporation provides leadership and guidance to the partner organization in their respective roles for these four missions.

    On behalf of all the Partners, the Partnership also serves as the primary agent to:

    1. Market Boyle County, its cities, and its available sites and buildings as attractive locations to develop new businesses and to expand or retain existing businesses;
    2. Recruit, expand, and retain industrial, commercial, and retail businesses, including the facilitation of available federal, state, and local government financing or incentives;
    3. Encourage and support entrepreneurial and small business development;
    4. Research and develop information resources for the community’s population, demographics, economy, trade market, real estate, and other key datasets to support business development efforts;
    5. Educate the community and its citizens about community and economic development through local media and other modes of communication;
    6. Advocate for or against public policies or projects at federal and state levels that the EDP Board of Directors determines to have a direct impact upon local community and economic development in accordance with public policies or projects of our Local Government Partners; and
    7. Lead other initiatives as requested by one or more Partners, mandated by the EDP Board of Directors, or targeted through the EDP’s annual action agenda to facilitate desired community or economic development.