• Governor's Circle at Constitution Square, where the offices of Develop Danville, Inc., are headquartered.
  • Our Team


    EDP Executives & Staff

    The EDP is led by a knowledgeable, experienced, and professional team of executives and staff dedicated to the missions of business development, business services, downtown development, and tourism development.  


    Danville Campus

    Constitution Square Historic Site
    105 East Walnut Street
    Danville, Kentucky  40422-1817

    Main/All Offices:  (859) 236-2361 or 7794

    See below for specific buildings locations/numbers for each Partner office on Constitution Square.

    General Information:  info@developdanville.com



    Jody A. Lassiter, JD, EcDMP

    President/Chief Executive Officer
          Extension:  130
          Mobile:  (859) 319-8068
          Office Location:  Watts-Bell House (Building #3)

    Read his profile. 

    Josh Gooch

    Economic Development Specialist

          Extension:  110
          Mobile:  (606) 669-9038
          Office Location:  Fisher's Row 1 (Building #1)

    The EDP administers the office and operations of the Boyle County Industrial Foundation. 




    Executive Director

          Extension:  140

    Office Location:  Goldsmith House (Building #6)



    Perryville Office

    Historic Johnson-Brinton House on Merchants Row
    207 South Buell Street
    P.O. Box 133
    Perryville, Kentucky  40468