• Governor's Circle at Constitution Square, where the offices of Develop Danville, Inc., are headquartered.
  • Industrial Foundation

  • The Boyle County Industrial Foundation (BCIF), Inc., is a Partner in the EDP with the following missions:

    • BCIF manages and improves existing real estate assets for sale or lease for industrial and/or commercial development; and 
    • BCIF monitors, assesses, and responds to opportunities for acquisition of additional land and/or buildings to maintain a competitive stock of real estate assets for industrial and/or commercial prospects.


    BCIF is a private, nonprofit corporation established in 1961 to acquire and develop real estate for the recruitment and retention of industrial or corporate facilities.  For over 50 years, BCIF has provided profitable and productive locations for diverse industries that have generated hundreds of millions of dollars in capital investment and thousands of jobs for Boyle County and the region.  All of this has been accomplished without one cent of local government funding to BCIF!

    BCIF was the leading advocate for creation of the Danville-Boyle County Economic Development Partnership in 2006.  To adapt to the increasingly competitive and changing dynamics of business development, BCIF envisioned the need for a community alliance to unify several economic development organizations and local governments into one collaborative and coordinated team.  As a result, BCIF is the only non-government Partner that provides annual funding to support the EDP’s business recruitment efforts.  In return, the EDP President/CEO also functions as the administrator for BCIF.

    BCIF Governance

    This is an archive of documents related to the corporate governance and fiscal stewardship of the Boyle County Industrial Foundation, Inc.