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    Action Timeline

    An action timeline for the City of Danville's response to the Kentucky Department of Highway (KDOH)'s road diet proposal was established at a February 3, 2014 informational meeting among City officials and downtown business owners/managers.  Both the February 3 meeting as well as the timeline was facilitated through the advocacy of the EDP through the Heart of Danville, with the cooperation of Danville City Manager Ron Scott and City Engineer Earl Coffey. 

    • Phase 1 (February 2014):  Phase 1 initiated multiple research projects, including (1) collection of downtown Danville traffic data by the City and KDOH District 7; (2) observations of comparative city road diet implementation by City Engineer Earl Coffey and Police Chief Tony Gray; (3) a survey/study of economic impact on comparative city businesses by Dr. Benjamin Knoll of Centre College; and (4) a survey of downtown Danville business owners/managers conducted by the Heart of Danville.  This phase was to be initiated before February 28, 2014.


    • Phase 2 (March 2014):  Phase 2 is focused upon collecting and compiling the data and findings of all pending research projects initiated in Phase 1.  This phase will conclude by March 31, 2014, with a formal presentation of all findings to the Danville City Commission for its review and consideration.


    • Phase 3 (April 2014):  Phase 3 is targeted to public review and discussion of the data and findings revealed in Phase 2.  This phase will culminate in the Danville City Commission's formal response to KDOH's road diet proposal by April 30, 2014.  As a critical part of this phase, the EDP anticipates that KDOH District 7 traffic engineering/planning staff leadership will participate in a workshop of the Danville City Commission to review the road diet proposal, respond to local data collection/findings, and respond to the public's questions about the proposal.  


    EDP Partners' Joint Statement

    Read or download the full text of the statement here.

    After the March 27, 2014 public meeting at City Hall to present and review various studies, surveys, and data compilations regarding the road diet, the EDP Partners reissued their joint statement with a preface from Richard Trollinger, Chairman of the EDP Board of Directors.  Read or download the March 28, 2014 reissued statement here


    Heart of Danville's Downtown Merchants Survey

    During Phase 1 of the action timeline, the board and staff of the Heart of Danville conducted a survey of downtown business owners/managers regarding their opinions about the road diet proposal.

    Download or read the full survey results here.  

    Other findings are posted and may be viewed below under the Bulletin Board. 


    Road Diet.jpg

    Bulletin Board

    The EDP will post bulletins here to advise and inform the public about important developments or updates regarding the community's discussion of the road diet proposal.   Documents relating to the proposal or resulting from the data collection phase will also be posted here.  
    (Photo source:  Road diet layout image courtesy of www.conservationtools.org via The Advocate-Messenger, www.centralkynews.com/amnews.) 


    • Congestion Toolbox - Road Diets, Kentucky Transportation Cabinet (KYTC):  This page at the KYTC website provides more information about road diets as a tool to address "insufficiency and safety problems" resulting from a four-lane, undivided road.


    • Danville Main Street Discussion:  This document was prepared by the City of Danville for the February 3, 2014 informational meeting among city officials and downtown business owners/managers.  It references the action timeline that was announced at that meeting.