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    Parksville is a small, unincorporated community on the Chaplin River in southcentral Boyle County.  It is located near the geographic center of the Commonwealth of Kentucky, at the eastern end of KY 300 where it intersects with KY 34 (Lebanon Road). The global position of Parksville is 37.597N latitude and -84.891W longitude. Elevation is 1,083 feet (330 m) above sea level. The current population is approximately 900 people.

    Chapter 1916 of the Laws of Kentucky (1867) says, in part: "AN ACT to incorporate the Town of Parksville, in Boyle County. Be it enacted by the General Assembly of the Commonwealth of Kentucky: 1. That the town, in the county of Boyle, situated on the Clark's Run and Salt River turnpike and the Lebanon extension of the Louisville and Nashville railroad, known as Parksville, be, and the same is hereby, incorporated and established as the town of Parksville.  . . .  10. The limits of said town shall extend one quarter of a mile in every direction from the center thereof at the crossroads at W. D. Latimer's storehouse."  In 1880 (Laws of Kentucky, Chapter 617), the boundary was modified so as to include the cemetery and the Christian church, "the line to run north and south with the [sic] on the east side of said cemetery."  When the Town of Parksville was unincorporated is not known, but today Parksville is an unincorporated village.

    Parksville was founded by James Parks, who is buried in the Parksville Cemetery.

    Parksville had a major depot on the east-west corridor of the Louisville & Nashville (L&N) Railroad from 1866 until 1970.  Passengers would travel 10 miles (16 km) from Danville to board an L&N passenger train. Freight was also shipped from this depot. A small lake, known as the Tank Pond, was built in 1920 by the railroad southwest of Parksville for the purpose of refilling steam locomotive engines. In October 1987, the L&N discontinued use of the track through Parksville, which has since been removed.

    Parksville High School operated from about 1926 until 1963, when Boyle County consolidated its rural high schools to create Boyle County High School. The original Parksville high school building is now a private home, located less than a mile west of the U.S. Post Office on KY 34.

    Today, Parksville retains a post office (zip code 40464); Parksville Baptist Church (founded in 1923); Parksville Church of Christ; several small commercial enterprises, including the popular Connie's Restaurant & Deli (8444 Lebanon Road); and Engine Company #3 of the Boyle County Fire Department.  In addition, the Parksville Water District serves a large portion of western and southern Boyle County as well as northern parts of Casey County.

    Nearby is the Stone Bridge at Chaplin Creek (ca. 1910), listed on the National Register of Historic Places. The 500-acre Central Kentucky Wildlife Refuge lies 3 miles (4.8 km) south of Parksville, just off KY 37, near the Forkland community.

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